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William Henry Cox (1789-1946)

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William Henry Cox was born February 2, 1789 in Morris, Alabama.


William and I have Cox/Beverly ancestors in-common:
JOHN WASHINGTON COX, senior — (Born: 1705 in Granville County, North Carolina – Died: about May 1752 in Granville County, North Carolina ) and Sarah Beverly (Born: about 1710 in Middlesex, Virginia – Died: abt 1752 in Granville District/County, North Carolina)

On his mother’s side of the family — he is a descendant of Grantham, Smith, Yargee, McQueen, and Drurant (respectively) — straight maternal line. Other noticable CREEK ancestors include:

1) John Smith

(B: Alabama – D: Oklahoma)
2) (Chief) Checartha “James” Yargee

(Born: Creek Nation East – now Alabama; Died: Tuckabatchee Town, Oklahoma

3) (Chief) Menawa “Big Warrior”

(Born: Creek Nation East; Died: unknown)
4) (Chief) Peter McQueen

(Born: 1780 in Creek nation East – now Alabama; Died: unknown)
5) Elizabeth Durant

(Born: about 1765 in the Creek Nation east now Alabama; Died: unknown)
6) Katherine/ Kathryn Frashier

(Born: Tallassee Indina Village – now Alabama; Died: unknown).

Kathryn is thought to be a member of the “Red Stick Creek” Nation; but more facts need to be checked.
7) Sophia McGillivray, of the wind Clan

(Born: in Little Tallassee on the Coosa River – now Alabama; Died: abt 1800, location unknown)

Her mother is thought to be SEHOY II of the Creek Nation; whose mother is thought to be SEHOY I

(Born: in Taskigi Town on the Coosa River – now Alabama; Died about 1772)

SEHOY I is thought to be the daughter of Chief Taskegee and a Woman of the Wind Clan.

If you have details you wish to add or give valid sources for, please post a comment.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy