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Excerpt/Link: — Coosa and Their Descendants

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“[…]At a very early day several Okfuskee settlements were made on the upper course of the Chattahoochee. One was called Tukpafka, “punk,” a name applied in later times to an entirely distinct town, originating from Wakokai. The name of this particular settlement occurs in Bartram’s list and is referred to by Hawkins, as will be seen below.86 In 1777 (see below) they moved over to the Tallapoosa, where their new settlement was called Nuyaka, an attempt at modifying the name of New York City to accord with the requirements of Creek harmonic feeling. According to Swan the name Nuyaka was bestowed by a Colonel Ray, a New York British loyalist,83 while Gatschet says it was so named after the treaty of New York, concluded between the United States Government and the Creek Indians August 7, 1790.87 It appears in the lists of Swan and Hawkins, but not on the census rolls of 1832.88 After the removal this town continued to preserve its identity and in 1912 it was the only Okfuskee division that still maintained a square ground.[…]”

via Coosa and Their Descendants.