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John O’Kelly was the white trader to the Upper Creek town of Coosa. His half-blood son, John O’Kelly (also known as Toe Kelly), became chief of Coosa in the 1790s. O’Kelly was invited to Pensacola in 1794 to a council with the Spanish, and he signed the Treaty of Fort Jackson as chief of Coosa in 1814. Under the treaty, O’Kelly claimed land where Kelly Creek joins the Coosa River. He then established a branch of the town Coosa along the Kelly Creek. The town was then known as Kelly’s Town until the Indian Removal Act.[2] The community was originally called Kelly’s Creek for the creek named for O’Kelly. After the Civil War, it became known as New London. By the 1880’s, it was known primarily as London.[3] A post office was established under the name Kellys Creek in 1841 and was in operation until 1908.[4]

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